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Interface offers a comprehensive line of equipment for balloon production, catheter manufacturing and testing. All of our equipment has been designed based upon extensive feedback from our customers as well as our own manufacturing teams. This drives our commitment and expertise in providing a wide range of balloon catheter solutions to the medical device industry.

Balloon Forming Equipment

Our computer controlled balloon forming equipment produces the longest and largest medical balloons needed to meet today’s increasing requirements. Interface is known for creating balloon forming equipment that delivers consistent performance, reduced cycle times, increased yields and higher quality, along with real-time balloon forming profiling.
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Catheter Manufacturing Equipment

The key to insuring repeatability in the production of high-quality medical balloons and catheters is precision production equipment. Our equipment is designed with your production goals in mind: increased throughput, reliability and fast turnaround. » Learn More

Testing and Inspection Equipment

Our range of testing and inspection equipment is designed to test catheters, balloons and crimped stents for burst, leaks, fatigue, dimensions and compliance characteristics. » Learn More

Technology Transfer

Our team of experts can provide customers the equipment, skills, knowledge, technologies and methods of manufacturing to manufacture their own PTCA and PTA catheters in house. » Learn More

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