Length Diameter Measurement System

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Length Diameter Measurement System

Designed specifically for catheter balloons, the Length Diameter Measurement System offers an accurate, non-contact, low cost technique for catheter balloon dimensional inspection.


  • Non-contact Inspection
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective


The Length Diameter Measurement System eliminates errors associated with manual contact measurements, as well as, variations due to operator skills.

The LDS-320 includes an easy to use mounting and clamping fixture which allows for easy balloon pressurization. Along with the Pressure Controller, PC-200, inflation pressure control, to within 0.1 BAR, is accomplished through the use of one simple control.

An axial slide, with a built in Mitutoyo Digimatic linear gauge, mounted on a Keyence Model 7501 LED measurement system, allows for easy axial length and radial diameter measurement. The two measurement techniques also allow for easy calculation of taper length.

The LDS-320 with the PC-200 will deliver the most accurate and repeatable results and ensure unsurpassed efficiency and quality in your balloon development and production.


LDS-320 – Balloon Inspect Station.pdf (64k)